Back to School

With the long summer coming to an end, we’re looking to start off the new season with a bang and hopefully you’re all just as excited to kick things off!

With people returning and schools about to kick off, The Souk will host a ‘Back To School’ creative workshop where kids will create a DIY desk organizer. Not only will their creative minds be sparked in the making & decorating of their pieces, but the focus of recycling will also linger in their minds as we ask them to bring their own materials from home as well. The workshop will be the main focus but younger ones not old enough to participate will not be left out, as they’ll have a small play area in the Back To School decorated themed event area also, where they can color drawings and will have colored chalk to use on the chalkboards as well.

In addition, a hair braiding expert lady will be present to braid any girls’ hair that wishes to have her hair braided. Participants will also receive a goodies in the form of water-bottles + pencil cases + pencils/pens. Lastly, upon completion and before they leave participants will take a picture with their creation, gifts, and family members using classic polaroid cameras, where one copy will be given to them to take home and another will be put up on a large backdrop showing all the participants of the event.