2016 Food Contest – ‘New Born’

The theme for this years’ Food Contest will focus on various restaurants & cafés creating new dishes & offerings - as their ‘New Born’ of 2016. Come be a part of the contest and festivities, cast your vote on who deserves the trophy and title of the greatest ‘New Born’.

There will be plenty of live-acts & entertainment during the 2 days (Thursday & Friday, May 12th & 13th) and guests will also have the opportunity to interact with the many chefs from the worldwide restaurants available at The Souk. There will also be an MC keeping the vibes lively and creating activities amongst families & friends in the forms of games and competitions such as blindfolded food tasting, speed eating, and so much more.

Get ready for 2 days of jam-packed fun and entertainment with LED drummers parading throughout The Souk, living statues, walking tables, jugglers, unicyclists, international dancers that will correspond with the restaurant that is taking their stand on the Main Stage at different times. Many surprises will take place during the day such as appearances of stilt walkers, food-based mascots, an Instagram photo-booth, and even a 3D drawing that will blow your mind.

Don’t miss out on and make sure you’re a part of the festivities and voting of the greatest ‘New Born’ at the 2016 Food Contest at The Souk.